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About Us
In 2019, a group of compassionate healthcare professionals came together and founded ARIKE Palliative Homecare NGO in Ernakulam, Kerala, India on the principle that everyone deserves to lead a life of dignity until death. They believed that healthcare must be holistic, person centred and must not be confined to the patient alone, rather must include the family, too. They advocated for providing healthcare that addresses all four domains of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of one’s suffering through active participation from one’s community. ARIKE is an initiative that aims to provide easily accessible and equitable tailormade solutions for Home-based healthcare services  to the public. ARIKE functions as a not-for- profit NGO and our work constitutes a concept of delivering professional and compassionate care at home and community participation in ensuring total care for the patient and family members. ARIKE was registered as a charitable trust in October 2019 and has attained 80G status and CSRI certification in 2021. During the last three years, Arike has been involved in different aspects of caregiving and was able to provide more than 1000 families with home care- nursing care, doctors’ consultation, end-of-life care, death care, skill intense procedures such as ascitic tap and vacuum assisted dressing,  telemedicine consultations, and physiotherapy within the comforts of one’s own home. Arike has also conducted myriad palliative sensitisation programmes emphasizing the relevance of palliative and home-based care in Ernakulam district.
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MissionOur goal is to provide professional home-based care to improve the quality of life of people enduring serious health suffering, ensuring dignity of both the patient and family. We hope to revive the long-forgotten community spirit through our community engagement platform KOODE and thereby, ensure delivery of total care.
VisionOur roadmap commences with our mission, and this shall stand as the standard against which we weigh our decisions and actions.
To provide equitable access to home-based professional health care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To engage the community in actively participating in taking care of each other’s health care needs through neighborhood network programmes.
To guide and support our fellow palliative care providers through accredited training programmes.
To reduce the burden of serious health suffering through advancement of palliative care research.
Training & ResearchCollaboration with Ernakulam General Hospital Palliative care department in holding certified training programmes for doctors, nurses and volunteers. Apprenticeship and internship programs for interns of medical social work departments of colleges in Ernakulam. Inhouse social workers and research analysts involved in evaluation and data collection support for Arike’s ground breaking research projects. Arike initiated preliminary work on two research projects: a study on use of oral morphine to control dyspnea in covid positive patients in a second line treatment center in Ernakulam and a study on public perspective of a dignified death in Ernakulam.
TechnologyARIKE has moved from its paper trail into usage of digital health records. Collaboration with national software development teams for a comprehensive AI based app that shall integrate Arike’s Health Management System including electronic medical records, with real time tracking and status updates of home visits, across the board linkage of clinical data, lab investigations and access for specialists and primary care physicians alike in tertiary hospitals. Extensive telemedicine palliative care grid not confined to Ernakulam district but extends across the state.
Management/AdministrationArike boasts of a well equipped office with a 24/7 call center that responds to queries with separate teams catering to NRIs and local public. Streamlined workflow and process structure that uses technology to enhance staff efficiency and time management. Reinforcement of job portfolios with quality control and quality assurance in line with stringent clinical protocols. Integration of well documented knowledge practices and dynamic decision making thus creating a scalable model that can be applied across the state and across the nation in availing palliative care services for the public. Establishment of hub and spoke systems, resulting in active query response methodologies for the statewide palliative grid.
Executive Team
Dr. Junaid RahmanEx District Medical Officer, Ernakulam
Dr. Mathew NumpeliState head of Cancer and Palliative Care, Kerala
Dr. Athul Joseph ManuelPalliative Care medical officer, Department of Palliative Care, General Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala
Board of Trustees
Dr. Annie George PGDepartment of Palliative care, General Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala
Adv Jessy ManuelHigh Court, Ernakulam, Kerala
Mrs Kochuthresia XavierErnakulam, Kerala
Dr. Haneesh MMENT surgeon, Government hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala
Dr. Akhil ManuelProject Manager, National Health Mission, Ernakulam, Kerala