Koode Community
The Journey Of Compassion
Arike is a pain and palliative care NGO that was formed to offer support and compassion to aid the lives of people who are suffering from prolonged and debilitating illnesses. With Arike, you can offer the disadvantaged population of our community a voice and shoulder responsibilities with various like-minded people. Volunteering with an NGO challenges you to be brave, and compassionate, and tremendously shape positive growth in a human.
We Need Your Help
We are looking for enthusiastic and empathetic volunteers to come together with Arike to be our voice in the world and help more people every day. Join Arike to be a part of easing the suffering of these people in our community. Are you interested in helping the ones who need you? At Arike, you can follow this passion while making an incredible change in the world.
There is an increasing growth in migration of the youth in India in the pursuit of better prospects and quality of life every year. This has left a myriad of homes with lonely elderly trying to fend on their own for day-to-day activities. These homes consist of old people left alone to deal with chronic illnesses like diabetes, Hypertension, Respiratory disorders, etc. Regular hospital visits pose several issues in terms of monetary expenses, the presence of a caregiver, and support during prolonged hospital stays. KOODE is a community network program that enlists volunteers committed to actively partake in identifying vulnerable patients and enlisting home-based care services for these patients. ARIKE has created KOODE to strive and pick up the old lives left on the sidelines in social isolation of the fast-paced life of today ensuring they feel cared for, seen and safe.